Faculty Bio

Prof. Souaiaia: Applying a systems thinking framework to rights across cultures and disciplines.

Dr. Souaiaia is a scholar and educator whose work bridges diverse disciplines in the study of human rights. Focusing on migration, indigenous rights, property rights, women’s rights, political rights, and international humanitarian law, Dr. Souaiaia offers informed insight into complex contemporary issues.

Leveraging the Systems Thinking Framework, Dr. Souaiaia examines the intricate connections between seemingly disparate issues, fostering holistic understanding of rights. His research delves into classical Islamic sources and legal traditions as well as modern Western thought, illuminating the evolution of the human rights discourse. His holistic analyses of deeply complex ideas and events are reflected in his published works including his monographs “Muslims and the Western Conception of Rights”, “Anatomy of Dissent in Islamic Societies”, and “Contesting Justice”, contributing significantly to cross-cultural, cross-discipline perspectives on rights.

Dr. Souaiaia relies on his research findings and familiarity with emerging research findings on rights to mentor undergraduate and graduate students. He has participated in symposia, conferences, and workshops to highlight the connections among conceptual frameworks, abstract thinking, and historical and current events.

Dr. Souaiaia’s publications encompass four books and over 100 articles and essays. Most recently he has ventured into Ibn Khaldun’s economic philosophy, exploring economic, social, and cultural rights within classical Islamic thought of the middle period (9th – 14th century).

Prof. Souaiaia is a member of the faculty at the University of Iowa, with a joint appointment in Religious Studies, International Studies, and the College of Law. This position reflects his multi-faceted expertise and dedication to interdisciplinary collaborations.

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