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Information about recent and ongoing research projects:


        1. Reading and Interpreting Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddima: An interdisciplinary project that was initially focused on Ibn Khaldun’s economic philosophy is now growing to become a translation and research project aimed at introducing Ibn Khaldun’s thought to wider audiences, especially in relations to critical topics related to economic, governance, and systems thinking.
        2. Rights, Culture, Religious, Politics, and Law: This research project produced several journal articles and a monograph; a dissertation on migration (PhD student), and few essays (including essays written by former and current graduate and undergraduate students. A companion digital platform is now live under the name, HUQUQ, with an open invitation for interested individuals to join in.
        3. Related to the above topic, researchers working human rights and Islam topics are encouraged to submit monograph proposals to this book series on the said topic.
        4. Documenting and Investigating the 2011 Wars in SWANA, a Primary Sources for Research and Teaching. This repository of primary sources collects digital content related to these events, with special focus on media and religious narratives on war and dissent.


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