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•    She’s Upright: Sexuality and Obscenity in Islam; peer-reviewed article, Brill Academic Publishers: Hawwa, Volume 5, Numbers 2-3, 2007 , pp. 262-288 (27).•    Politics of Appearances: Religion, Law, and the Press in Morocco; peer-reviewed article, Muslim World Journal of Human Rights: vol. 4: no. 2, 2007.•   Reasoned and Inspired Beliefs: A Study of Islamic Theology; peer-reviewed article, The Muslim World journal; 2007.
•    On the Sources of Islamic Law and Practices; 2005.•    A Way to Remedying Historical Wrongs in the Continent of Military Coups; non-peer-reviewed Essay, 2005.•    Islamic Studies Key Arabic Words Voiced Dictionary (Key Arabic words and concepts in Islamic studies: Islamic Law, Islamic Ethics and Moral Philosophy, Modern Islamic Thought …);

Profiling the Islamic Civilization; Book, translation of Khallaf’s Tarikh al-sulutat al-thalathah; 2001.

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