Expert Witness (Service to the Community)

Prof. Souaiaia provides Expert Testimony (Amicus Curiae) and consultation on limited basis primarily in cases involving indigent defendants (in criminal cases), refugees, asylees, and other qualifying cases for medical professionals, social services institutions, gov./administrative agencies, and businesses seeking to enhance their workplace through diversity, inclusion, and equity policies and initiatives.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Human rights: Human Rights Law, Legal Theory and Jurisprudence, Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity; Comparative Law, Legal Systems and Institutions
  • Islamic Law and Jurisprudence: Sharia Norms, Islamic Ritual Law, Sunni Law, Shia Law, Ibadi Law, Islamic Family Law (Sunni, Shia, & Ibadi sects), Islamic Waqf (public trust), Islamic Inheritance and Bequest Law (Sunni, Shia, & Ibadi sects), Islamic Law on Child Adoption (Sunni, Shia, & Ibadi sects), Child Custody, Islamic law on injury and dismemberment (Sunni, Shia, & Ibadi sects), Islamic law on death and homicide (Sunni, Shia, & Ibadi sects), Dietary Islamic law (Sunni, Shia, & Ibadi sects)
  • Islamic Finance and Banking: Sharia-Compliant Finances and Banking
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Legal Practice
  • Professional Ethics and Responsibility in Medical Practice
  • Cultural Proficiency; Arab and Islamic Cultures, Arabic Linguistics; and related areas; Oral Proficiency Interviewer (language assessment for competence purposes; Modern Standard Arabic)


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