Prof. Souaiaia mentors undergraduate, graduate, and professional students through a number of programs. Undergraduate students are able to participate in research opportunities, through paid and unpaid internships (depending on availability of funding). Undergraduate students are able to pursue Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies track through the International Studies major or through a number of certificates. In addition to the undergraduate courses Prof. Souaiaia offers regularly,  students are able to sign for independent research and independent studies courses.

Through the Department of Religious Studies, graduate students are able to pursue MA and Ph.D. degrees focusing on Islamic and Middle Eastern studies. Although graduate students are invited to develop their own research Plan of Study, interested applicants are encouraged to explore the research projects Prof. Souaiaia and current graduate students are pursuing to have an idea about available resources and interests.

Professional students are able to pursue SJD degree through the College of Law, with a focus on Islamic, comparative, and/or international law.

Lastly, students needing to gain research proficiency in Classical Arabic and Grammar are provided with online tools and focused courses designed to enhance researchers’ ability to deal with primary sources in Arabic and Persian.

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