Dissent and Rebellion in Islamic Societies

“Arab Spring”

About the Course:

The protest movement, popularly known as the Arab Spring, has changed the Middle East and North Africa in many ways. Tunisia, the first country transformed by this event, has embarked on a democratic path. In Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen the peaceful protest movements gave way to armed conflicts involving regional and international actors. Dissent & Rebellion is a course about these transformative events in historical and political contexts. We will examine the role played by digital social media, satellite television, and communication technologies. We will discuss the influence of religious leaders and groups on the outcome, and analyze the impact of wealth and geopolitics on the social fabric of Islamic societies and on international relations.

The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in multidisciplinary approaches to the study of religion, politics, arts, media and communication, international affairs, social change, Global South, dissent movements, and law and society.