Updates & Comments

Updates & Comments

Contesting Justice: Women, Islam, Law, and Society

Contesting Justice: Women, Islam, Law, and Society Editorial Reviews Review “…[Souaiaia’s] ideas are illuminating … his examination of Qur’anic laws, particularly those concerning women, should resonate well in the international community. Moreover, he offers moderate Muslims a refreshing new approach to the sort of interpretations that have traditionally stifled women’s advancement.” ― Religion “Contesting Justice […]

Theories and Practices of Islamic Finance and Exchange Laws: Poverty of Interest

While Islamic scriptures clearly prohibit profiting from the poor, supposedly sharī’ah-compliant Islamic financial and exchange laws circumvent prohibitions and limitations on ribā, monopolism, debt, and risk while failing to address the fundamental purpose behind the prohibitions — mitigating poverty. This study provides a historical survey of the principles that shape Islamic finance and exchange laws, […]

The Genealogy, Ideology, and Future of ISIL and its Derivatives

The organization known today simply as the “Islamic State,” or by its Arabic acronym, Daesh (English, ISIL), has historical and ideological roots that go beyond the territories it now controls. These deep roots give Daesh confidence that it will succeed in dominating the world, but give others reasons to believe that it will fail in […]


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